Hot and Cold Smoking

On this page I will keep tabs on what I've been up to experimenting with hot and cold smoking.

Currently my equipment is limited to a Weber kettle and a Pro Q Cold Smoke Generator.  However, there is still a lot than can be done with this.

1 Nov 2017

I have posted on my hot smoked trout on two other occasions, the first one was not so successful, the second one was much better, and now I think I've pretty much nailed it.  I changed the cure recipe slightly by adding some cracked black pepper (about a tablespoon) and some crushed juniper berries (about half a tablespoon).  The brine for the cure is made up, then once the fish has been filleted, leave in the brine for at least 24 hours.  I judge when it is done by feel, it needs to have the fi...

3 Jul 2017

My grandparents hail from the oft-passed less-stopped county of Lincolnshire.  It's the second largest but least populated county in the UK, you would only really have good reason to go there if you were travelling up the A1 and skimmed Grantham.  However, as a huge farming area with bag loads of great local food history (post drainage of the fens of course!) and being a bit isolated (note: I didn't use the word inbred!) there are some culinary specialities worth noting.

One such specia...

10 Feb 2017

After sharing my initial 'deferred success' on the hot smoking front I persevered when my father-in-law (or his slightly better fisherman neighbour) caught some more trout for me.  In addition I added some sardines into the mix which I butterflied, removing the spine and bones from the fish without filleting.

I actually smoked these with silver birch chunks (which In got from horticulturally-minded father, of whom I get most of my smoking wood - I'll do a post in the barbecue thread on this in th...

10 Feb 2017

True to my beliefs that mistakes are there to be learnt from and innovation, progression and development only happen through experimentation and trial and error, I'm sharing the first thing I ever hot smoked.  It was trout, a delicious piece of fish caught by my father-in-law somewhere in the Salisbury area (I would tell you but there are at least five rivers which run through Salisbury!).

The trout had been frozen first, but properly thawed out I have still had great success subsequently smoking...

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