Jason Wood, a name that lends itself to barbecue and food smoking.  See what I'm cooking, eating and drinking.

I'm a firm believer that mistakes are for making as long as you learn from them.  Science and innovation has not got us to where we are today by people getting it right all the time.


What you will see on this site are my failures in proportion to my successes as what you learn from your mistakes is more important than what you learn from your successes.

I have just finished an MBA with the University of Northampton, where I conducted research on sustainability in barbecue.  As a result I have a Barbecology section on the site for the more academic side of the barbecue world that I discovered during my studies.

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July 5, 2018

I did a blog about beef ribs with mashed smoked parsnips and potatoes just recently, but what I did with the other short rib that I cooked on the same day is even better! I promise you! As per the last beef short rib recipe the short ribs were rubbed with a mocha rub,...

July 2, 2018

Beef rib is an awesome cut of meat and great cooked low and slow with some smoke.  I started this cook by marinating the short ribs in red wine vinegar, salt and Worcestershire Sauce for about 5-6 hours in the fridge.  I got them out of the fridge and let the marinade...

March 4, 2018

I love ribs, and what got me hooked on them was the smoky taste, the sticky glaze and the 'bite' of the meat on the bone.  This doesn't, however, mean that you always have to have them in the traditional American barbeque style.  I went to Sri Lanka a few years ago to...

April 2, 2017

This weekend I was taken on an intense, smoke-fuelled journey of barbecue learning by Ed and Emma from the Bunch of Swines competition barbecue team. I've been force fed detail on how to properly low'n'slow cook of all the competition meats (brisket, pork but...

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